We believe that with effort, patience and love, dreams come true!



On November of 2017 our family ventured into two unknown territories, The United States of America and the Floral Industry.


We started our business with cero knoldelwge in the floral market but with a 100% desire to learn and hardwork.


The firsts months were like a roller coaster, full of emotions and mistakes but  we never lost faith, and we held on to our dream: To be the best florist in our city, spreading love one bouquet at a time.




Little by little, our efforts paid off, making the business expand, becoming a flower shop with an excellent reputation and a great team.


It has been years since we sold our first floral arrangement, and we could not be more grateful to God, and to all our customers and friends who believed in us since the beginning.


Most importantly, we honor our heritage by having the most beautiful flowers from South America, especially our Ecuadorian Roses, giving to our customers and their loved ones a piece of our beautiful country.